Uber Car Rental Advice

If you are looking to become an Uber driver, but you don’t want to actually get a car on finance right now – perhaps because you’re planning on moving soon and are only looking to drive for a short while – or just because you want the option to change your car more often than you would otherwise, then finding an Uber car rental service in your area could be a good option.

There are a number of companies that are Uber driver friendly, and that will connect drivers with popular makes and models, offering special unlimited mileage rates, so you can rent cars for a week or more for the purpose of driving.

Uber car rental services help you to get moving, and give you the chance to start your business with a relatively small outlay. Just pick the car that you want, pick it up on a date of your choosing, and enjoy having unlimited mileage rentals, with maintenance, vehicle cover and damage protection all included in your weekly payment.

There are a number of Uber car rental services that are approved by Uber themselves, and you can find out about them as well as the financing options on the Uber partner website under the Vehicle Solutions section. Rideshare Solutions (ridesharesolutions.com.au) Started working in the rental industry alongside Uber at the start of the Uber Marketplace.

To be eligible for the rentals, you must be an approved Uber driver, which means that you must have passed a background check, and you must have a valid driver’s license, as well as a valid debit card or credit card that you can use to pay for the service. You will need to be 18 years old or over, and you must have good standing with the rental company. You don’t need a good credit rating because you will be asked to authorize automatic charges for the rental, which will be taken out of your weekly earnings. There are also rent-to-own plans.

There are partner services available in several states, but they are not yet offered everywhere that Uber has a presence. This is going to change with time as Uber becomes even more popular and more rental companies start to offer services.

Prices are likely to vary, but at the time of writing the approved partner rate is $215 per week before taxes and fees, and there is a $40 start-up fee that you pay in addition to the first week’s rental. The taxes and fees will vary from state to state, and you should be aware that you will need to pay for your own fuel.  You must put down a refundable deposit of $250 before you can rent the vehicle, and of course, you will need to present a valid driver’s license. There are many plans available, see your closest dealers for exact rates.

When you rent the car, you will be asked to put down that deposit and consent to having your rental bill taken out of your earnings through Uber. When you return the car, Enterprise will return your deposit, minus any remaining rental charges – the deposit return can take up to 30 days.  Enterprise will ask for your debit or credit card details, and if you don’t drive enough to cover the rental charges, then they will take funds out of the deposit. If the deposit doesn’t cover the rental charges either, then they will bill the card that is on file for any remaining charges.  

The rentals come with liability protection and physical damage protection. Uber partner rentals can be for between 7 days and 28 days at a time, and you can extend the rental for longer than that by returning the vehicle for a brief inspection before the rental expires and then asking to reset the time period.

There’s a lot more information on Google, and for more information check out Rideshare Solutions on Google+.

Posted: September 18th, 2016 under Uncategorized.