Why SEO is Integral for Your Business

SEO or search engine optimization is the science or even art of working with websites to ensure that Google understands exactly what they are about in order to rank them high in major search engines accordingly. When most business owners hear the words “SEO” they often get angry or scared; because they were screwed in the past by a shady SEO company or they are too confused on what to do and how to do it properly. You can’t blame them, since there are so many different so called SEO authorities out there from MOZto Black Hat World, that it is sometimes hard to know who to trust. But regardless if you are trying to accomplish white hat SEO or Black Hat sorcery, when you break it down, SEO comes down to 3 main things: relevance, trust and authority. 


An easy way to understand relevance is to understand that each search phrase or keyword being searched in Google, Yahoo, or Bing is like a game. It is the job of the search engines to determine exactly which pages or websites on the internet are the best or have the highest score for those particular searches. That is where relevance comes into play. If a page is not properly optimized for the right keywords, Google will never understand what it is really about and will definitely not reward you with high rankings. That is where proper on-page optimization shines. From title tags, to image alt tags, schema and keyword density, if you don’t get your on-page right, you will never be relevant in Google’s eyes.


Once your site is properly optimized it is time to show Google that it is trustworthy. This is done by building a social fortress of branded social profiles linking back to your website, getting reviews of your business and building local business citations. All of these activities provides more legitimacy to your website and gives Google or the other search engines more of a reason to trust your site and rank it accordningly. Your website can be perfectly optimized, but if it lacks tryst, it will never rank high. There are many SEO agencies and blogs that specialize in understanding this step. 


Finally, once your site is trusted, it needs power. Power and authority come from backlinking. The more powerful and authoritative the site linking to your website, the more power that will pass down to you. There are many ways to build powerful backlinks, from stealing your competitors links to doing guest post outreach or even building your own PBNs. If you are a business owner who is struggling with this part of the SEO process, reach out to a professional link building agency to help you. Just be careful. This is where a lot of sites get hurt. Don’t expect quality results for cheap. This is not 2011 anymore. 

It is no surprise that it is a rather lucrative position to sit on top of the search engine results and can lead to many more clients, traffic and revenue. That is why it is so integral for businesses to properly invest in their website optimization and hire a local SEO agency to help them get to the top.

Posted: July 16th, 2016 under Business.